Joker Movie Life changing Quotes

 Joker Movie Life changing Quotes

 – Joker movie is a American psychological thriller film directed and produced by Todd Phillips. Joker Movie Life changing Quotes.

The Joker is the character from DC comics. Joaquin phoenix has played the role of joker and entertained the audience. Budget of the movie was 55 to 70 millions dollars and was released at 4 October, 2019. Runtime of the movie is 122min and got 8.5/8 IMDB rating. 

Joker Movie Life changing Quotes 

a. A honest enemy is better than a friend who lies.

b. Beautiful faces are everywhere but beautiful minds are hard to find.

c. I am just an ordinary person with extra-ordinary mindset. 

d. Never share your secrets with other, it will destroy you. 

Joker Movie Life changing Quotes

e. I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is. 

f. One bad chapter doesn’t mean the story is over.

g. If they need you temporarily, ignore them permanently. 

h. Life has no remote , you have to get up and change yourself.

i. The more you care the more you get hurt.

j. Trust me or not But most of your friends secretly hate you.

k. Living alone is really better then living with fake people.

Joker Movie Life changing Quotes

l. You can’t demand respect. You have to earn it.

m. I am sad but I smile that’s my life.

n. Real is rare. Fake is everywhere.

o. The things we truly love destroy us every time. Remember that.

p. The wrong and fake people will always teach you the right lessons.

q. Anyone can make you smile but not everyone can make you happy.

r. People don’t remember good . They remember different.