Dividend History of Miteri Development Bank Limited (MDB)


Miteri Development Bank Limited (MDB) is “B” class development bank of Nepal. The bank has good dividend history so far. The earning per share of the bank is Rs. 19.51 and the book value is Rs. 146.95 as per the report of 2077/78.

Company proposed 14% in which 13.3% is bonus share and 0.7% is cash dividend including tax. 

Dividend History of Miteri Development Bank Limited (MDB)

Miteri is one of the best development. The bank has maximize its shareholder wealth. Following are the dividend history of bank of last 10 years.

 In last 10 year company has distributed 30%+ dividend three times. Company has issued only once 50% right share in fiscal year 2071-72 with 31.58% where 30% bonus share  and 1.58% cash dividend. They have been continuously distributing dividend to its shareholder from its establishment.