Dividend Declared by Hydro Power Companies

Dividend Declared by Hydro Power Companies

There are numerous hydro power companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange. Dividend Declared by Hydro Power Companies

Dividend Declared and book closer date of Hydro Power Companies

FY 2078/79

SymbolCompanyBonus CashTotal DividendBook Closer date
RIDIRidi power Company Ltd40.002.142.12023-02-01
KPCLKalika Power Company Ltd15.000.789515.78952023-01-01
CHCLChilime Hydropower Company Ltd7.57.515.002022-12-18
BPCLButwal Power Company Ltd5.007.512.502023-01-02
UMRHUnited Idi-Mardi and R.B. Hydropower Ltd0.0010.52610.5262022-12-02
MENMountain Energy Nepal Ltd0.0010.52610.5262022-12-13
RURURu Ru Jalbidhyut Pariyojana Ltd 10.000.52610.5262022-10-13
AKPLArun Kabali Power Ltd10.000.52610.5262022-11-04
AHPCArun Valley Hydropower Development Company Ltd8.000.4218.4212023-02-01
APIAPI Power Company Ltd 7.000.39477.3947
UMHLUnited Modi Hydropower Ltd 7.000.3687.368
PPCLPanchthar Power Company Ltd0.007.007.002022-12-22
SHPCSanima Mai Hydropower Ltd0.005.26325.263220222-09-28
BHDCBindhyabasini Hydropower Development Company Ltd5.000.02635.02632022-12-28
NHDLNepal Hydro Developer Ltd5.000.02635.02632022-12-26
RADHIRadhi Bidyut Company Ltd4.750.255.002022-12-28
MHLMandakini hydropower limited0.005.005.002023-01-05

FY 2077/78

Following are the hydro power companies which has proposed the dividend so far. Maximum have proposed bonus share with cash dividend and only few has proposed cash dividend. We have given the Book closer date as well. So, if you are willing to buy the share of such companies than buy before book closer date to get bonus share and cash dividend.

Dividend Declared by Hydro Power Companies

Companies such as SPDL, NGPL, API, AKPL, RURU, SHPC, AHPC, RHPC, RRHP,etc have proposed dividend and maximum of them has already closed their book closed. To secure the dividend, you have to buy during the date between bonus share proposed and book closer date.

Till date, Ngadi Group Power Limited (NPGL) has declared the highest dividend of 21.05%. It is followed by Butwal Power Company Limited (BPCL) of 20% dividend.  Similarly, Nepal hydro Developer Limited (NHDL) has proposed 7.3684% dividend. 

Four company has already listed their bonus share in NEPSE.

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There many more companies left to propose the dividend. They are in queue to distribute the dividend.