Balephi Hydropower Limited company analysis


Balephi Hydropower Limited was established on February15, 2012. Firstly it was incorporated as Private Company Limited. later, it turns into Public Limited Company. We have done Balephi Hydropower Limited company analysis.

Balephi Hydropower Limited company analysis 

 IPO Details: 

Company has published an offer letter to issue an IPO to the individual investor. The IPO issue will open from today that is 16th Chaitra, 2078 and closes at 21st Chaitra, 2078. If the issue is not completely subscribed on time than deadline will can be extended till 30th Chaitra. 

Balephi is issuing 18,27,970 units at a par value of Rs. 100 per unit. Among them 4% of the total issue that is 73,119 units are allocated to employee of the company. While 5% that is 91,398 have been allocated  for mutual funds. The remaining 16,63,453 units are for the individual investor. 

The amount collected from the public ( project affected area ) and individual public will be used to pay the loan.  

ICRA Rating:

 ICRA Nepal limited has rated the issue DOUBLE B for IPO of Balephi. It means  moderate risk of defult regarding timely servicing of financial obligations.

The minimum bid quantity is 10 Units while maximum is 1,00,000 units. The issue manager for IPO issuance is Global IME Capital Limited. 

Company Profile

The company is developing 36MW Upper Balephi A hydroelectri prokect in Sindhupalchowk. The project is 95 to 98% complete as on November end of 2021.The revised budgeted cost of the project is 7,856 million.

Major Promoter

Following are the major promoter of the company:

  • Mr. Shakti Kumar Golyan = 18.25 %
  • Mr. Shulav Agarwal  = 18.25 %
  • Mr. Shushil Ghupta = 17.50 %
  • Mr. Shandeep Kumar Sharda = 15%
  • Mrs. Prabha Goyanka ( Bhimshariya) = 9.95%
  • Mr. umesh Kasaju = 8.68 %

 Among the promoters, Mr. Shakti Kumar Golyan and Shulav Agarwal has the highest share  of 18.25%.

Capital Structure:

Following are the capital structure :

Authorized Capital: Rs. 2.400,000,000

Issued Capital: Rs. 1,827,970,000

Current Paid up Capital: Rs. 1,462,376,000

Capital after IPO Issuance : Rs. 1,827,970,000.

Share Holding Pattern

Following are the Share Holding Pattern:

Promoters: 80% : 14,623,760 Units

Public ( Project Affected ) : 10% : 1,827,970

Public: (Individual ) : 10% : 1,827,970

Total: 100% : 18,279,700

Project Information:

A brief information of project:

Name of Project: Upper Balephi A

Type of Project: Run of River

Installed Capacity: 36 MW

Expected Energy Generation: 11/17/2078

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