Dividend History of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd. (NICL)


Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd (NICL) is a one of the leading non life insurance company of Nepal. We have collected data of Dividend History of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd. (NICL)

Company has proposed 11.58% dividend from the profit of FY 2077/78. In which bonus share is 11% worth Rs. 1,24,23,38,524 and cash dividend is 0.58% worth Rs. 71.92 lakhs for tax dividend. 

The dividend will be distributed after approved by Beema Samiti and endorsement by upcoming company AGM.

The corporate office is located at Ameer Bhawan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu. 

Dividend History of Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd. (NICL)

 Following are the dividend history. These are the data of last none years.

Note: All the data are collected from authentic source. 


Till date company distributed highest dividend of 21.05%. In which 20% is bonus share and 1.05% is cash dividend. Similarly, Company has issued right share thrice in which 100% twice. 

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