Upakar Laghubitta Company Analysis


Upakar laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited is a ” D” class microfinance company of Nepal. It is licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank. We have done Upakar Laghubitta Company Analysis.

Company was established in Magh 17, 2075 and started to operate on 25th Shrawan, 2075. It has 32 branches across 10 districts. 

The CEO of the company is Sharada Kumari Khatri. 

Corporate office of the company is located at Kohalpur-11, Piapalchautara, Banke, Nepal. 

Upakar Laghubitta Company Analysis

Upakar laghubitta is issuing IPO to the general public from Chaitra  25 to 29. Now, company has paid up capital of Rs. 4.2 crore. After the issue of the IPO, company’s paid of capital will be Rs. 6.56 crore.

Company has planned to issued 2,36,250 units of capital for new investor. It is 36% of total paid up capital. 0.5% i.e 3,281 of total paid up capital is set side for employ. Similarly, 5% i.e 11,813 units is set aside for mutual fund. Remaining, 2,21,156 units is for general public. You can apply for 10 units to 1000 units.

Lucky, 22,115 will successfully get 10 units each from lucky draw.


Following are the majority shareholder of the company

  • Mahila Upakar Munch
  • Prabhu Bank Limited
  • Individual investor

Financial Highlights

Following are the data of Fiscal year 2077/79.

  • EPS: 140
  • Book Value: 403.91

Boards of directors

Following are the boards of director of the company: 

  • Chairman: Shanti Devi Dhakal
  • Vice- Chaiman: Chandra Kala Neupane
  • Member: Arati Poudel
  • Member: Nitu Sharma
  • Member: Ram Charan BC

Capital Structure

Following are the Capital Structure of the Company

  • Promoter: 64%
  • General Public: 36%

Upakar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited

Address: Kohalpur-11, Piapalchautara, Banke, Nepal.

Phone: +977-081-540744, 540744

Email: upakar.banke1@gmail.com