Comparison of NABIL Bank (NABIL) and Nepal Bank Limited (NBL)


These are the biggest commercial bankinf Nepal. Both are best at all the factors we have donea  comparison. Only Nabil Bank has better growth yearly than Nepal Bank Limited.

NABIL Bank Limited (NABIL)

NABIL is a leading commercial bank of Nepal, licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank Limited. The Bank was established in 1984AD. 

 Nepal Bank Limited ( NBL )

NBL is an A-class commercial bank of Nepal, Licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. It is the first bank of Nepal, established in Kartik 30 1994 B.S.Till date  Nepal Bank Limited is the bank with the  highest Reserve commercial bank of Nepal.

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Comparison of NABIL Bank (NABIL) and Nepal Bank Limited (NBL)

 Following is the comparison of NABIL And NBL. Comparison is done based on data from first quarter report of 2079/80.

Note: Invest in any stock after doing various research.

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