Dividend Capacity of Development Banks

Dividend Capacity of Development Banks

There are 16 “B” class Developments in Nepal. Dividend Capacity of Development Banks.

They are doing their business extraordinarily. Though the pandemic has brought huddle in their work but they have been working effectively. Most of the following development banks are national level and few are working in their nearby areas such as Narayani Development Bank. All of these banks are listed in NEPSE and have successfully been traded daily.

Dividend Capacity of Development Banks

FY 2079/80

Name of the companySymbolEPSDividend Capacity
Corporate Development Bank Ltd(CORBL)3.5314.30%
Miteri Development Bank Ltd(MDB)15.7913.80%
Lumbini Bikas Bank Ltd(LBBL)18.1111.60%
Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd(SHINE)18.3711.40%
Garima Bikas Bank Ltd(GBBL)23.4710.80%
Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd(MNBBL)21.2410.00
Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd(MLBL)11.298.40%
Shangrila Development Bank Ltd(SADBL)10.527.60%
Jyoti Bikas Bank Ltd(JBBL)12.585.20%
Green Development Bank Ltd(GRDBL)3.564.30%
Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd(KSBBL)13.141.80%
Excel Development Bank Ltd(EDBL)10.13
Sindhu Bikas Bank Ltd(SINDU)2.4
Karnali Development Bank Ltd(KRBL)-8.81
Saptakoshi Development Bank Ltd(SAPDBL)-24.65
Narayani Development Bank Ltd(NABBC)-11.1

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