40+ Vivek Bindra Motivational quotes for bounce back

40+ Vivek Bindra Motivational quotes for bounce back

We have 40+ Vivek Bindra Motivational quotes for bounce back for life.

 Dr. Vivek Bindra is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business consultant.

Inspire and motivate millions of people around the world by training in more than 25 countries through Bada Business. He is the owner of the world’s most subscribed entrepreneurship YouTube channel with more than 15 million subscribe

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40+ Vivek Bindra Motivational quotes for bounce back

Following are the 40+ Vivek Bindra Motivational quotes for bounce back.

1. Success is not Changing reality, it is changing the mentality behind the reality.

2. Attraction to distraction drifts you away from your goal !

3. You cannot improve the future in the future. You can improve it now.

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4. Change the strategy. Do not change your goal. 

5. Have the genius around you to attract the genius within you.

6. Charity+ Energy is the formula of legendary success. 

7. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an Excuse. 

8. If you have too many priorities, It means you have no Priority. 

9. Do not focus on multiple things, Focus on the main thing and the business will follow you.

10. You are not leading your life; your patterns are leading your life!

11. Do or die is old fashion, do it before you die is the new one. 

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12. Success is not a destination, It’s a journey that never stop at one place.

13. Nobody in the history, has ever created history, without tasting some failures !


14. You can never get new results by doing the same things.

15. You have the power to choose how you feel allow yourself to think differently. 

16. Leadership is about taking responsibilities, not making excuses!

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17. Your decision-making tool should not be dependent on your temporary happiness.

18. When you face failures, don’t change your goal, change your strategy.  

19. Investment in your knowledge pays the best interest. 

20. There is no problem in committing a mistake but never commit the same mistake twice. 

21. 95% of the people are busy proving, while 5%of the people are busing improving. 

22. Any content that contributes to your goal statement accept it. Any content that doesn’t contributes to your goal statement reject it. 

23. Choose your success by choosing your thoughts.

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24. If you don’t help you to help yourself. Nobody in the world can help you to help yourself. 

25. The only way to do create work is to love what you do. 

26. If you try to be best you will be No. 1, But if you try to be unique you will be the only one. 

27. You cannot convince people by convincing, You convince people by connecting. 

28. If you are waiting for the right time to come , it has come, it is now. 

29. Business is logical, but people are emotional. 


30. Reading man makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man. 

31. Persistence is the fuel of winner.

32. Don’t change the things, change the way you look at the things. 

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33. The word is what we think it is. If we can change our thoughts, we can change the word. 

34. Difficulties of your life are not the dead ends, they are just the sweet bends. 

35. Tough times tell you that, you are toughest than the tough times. 

36. When the vision behind your decision is right, then your decision is right. 

37.  Making money and handling money are both different things. 

38. When you focus on problem. You will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities. You will have more opportunities. 

39.  There is no problem in committing a mistake but never commit the same mistake twice. 

40. Set a goal! and do whatever it takes you to reach to that goal.

41. Develop a higher Taste to discard the lower one. 

Awards and honors

  • “Think tank of corporate Asia” by World Leadership federation, Dubai. 
  •  ” Best leadership trainer in Asia ” by Marshall Goldsmith. 
  • ” India’s greatest brand and leaders – Pride of Nation ” by PricewaterhouseCooper. 
  •  “Best CEO coach in India” by time of India 
  • ” Best corporate trainer in India ” by Maruti Suzuki  for two consecutive years 
  •  Many more awards and honors.  

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