Comparison of CBBL and DDBL

Comparison of CBBL and DDBL

We have done analysis of Comparison of CBBL and DDBL. These two are the leading commercial microfinance in Nepal.

Comparison is on the basis of factors such as share capital, reserve and surplus, EPS, NPL, and many more of the third quarter report of FY 2079/80. Following is the company’s basic information.


It was incorporated in December 2001. CBBL got a license from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB ) in January 2002. Microfinance is operated by Neighborhood Society Service Centre (NSSC) ( a National Level NGO). It has 137 branches in 66 districts with 1116 staff.


It is the D-class bank and financial institution of Nepal licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. Nabil bank, Nepal Bank, Agricultural bank, Lumbini bikes bank, and other banks have experience in the banking sector for more than 15 to 20 years. The authorized capital of the company is Rs 2 billion and paid up capital is Rs. 1.387 billion. 

Comparison of CBBL and DDBL

Following are the financial highlights.

Particulars “000”CBBLDDBL
Paid Up CapitalRs. 2,876,369.83Rs. 1,526,248.17
ReserveRs. 3,704,152.20Rs. 1,733,531.65
BorrowingsRs.5,056,582.11Rs. 8,179,034.62
DepositsRs. 30,222,831.71Rs. 8,759,740.26
Loans and AdvancesRs. 32,695,321.12Rs. 18,911,587.85
Net interest IncomeRs. 2,117,056.52Rs. 940,957.11
Personnel ExpenseRs. 778,457.78Rs. 459,543.34
Impairment ChargeRs. 24,409.35Rs. 46,052.00
Net profitRs. 880,659.58Rs. 277,582.67
Distributable profitRs. 1,306,248.75Rs. 580,257.10
CAR17.35%14.05 %
EPS40.82Rs. 24.25
Net Worth Per Share228.78Rs. 213.58

Note: All the data are taken from the Q3 report of FY 2079/80.

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