Comparison of Sanima Mai & Chilime Hydropower

Comparison of Sanima Mai & Chilime Hydropower

We have done Comparison of Sanima Mai & Chilime Hydropower. They are leading hydropower company in Nepal.

Short information of the Companies

Sanima Mai Hydropower

Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited (SMHL) is a public limited company which was established as a special purpose vehicle company in 2065. The project is located at Mai municipality, Ilaam with 22 MW electricity producing capacity.

Chilime Hydropower

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (Chilime) was incorporated in 1995 with 22.1 MW electricity producing capacity. The project of the company is located at Rasuwa district. There are big multiples promoter shareholder. Such as Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

Comparison of Sanima Mai & Chilime Hydropower

Following are the detail information of the companies

Particular ” 000 “Sanima MaiChilime Hydropower
Paid Up CapitalRs. 3,089,251.00Rs. 7,258,179.28
Reserve and SurplusRs. 3,515,821.35Rs. 3,137,801.72
Property, Plant & EquipmentRs. 12,445.32Rs. 1,640,941.69
RevenueRs. 620,370.51Rs. 804,246.86
Administrative ExpensesRs. 130,323.49Rs. 64,092.02
Net ProfitRs. 358,230.50Rs. 528,983.30
EPSRs. 15.46Rs. 9.72
Net WorthRs. 213.81Rs. 143.23

Note: All the data are taken from the 3rd Quarter Report of 2079/80.

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