Dividend History of NIC ASIA BANK (NICA)

Dividend History of NIC ASIA BANK (NICA)

NIC Aisa Bank Limited (NICA) is a leading commercial bank of Nepal, licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank. Dividend History of NIC ASIA BANK (NICA).

The bank has 356 branches, 70 extensions counter, 80 branch-less banking and 471 ATMs across Nepal.

In FY 2071-72, Company distributed 41.05% dividend. In which 2.05% is cash dividend and 39.00% is bonus share. It is the highest dividend in last 10 years.

Dividend History of NIC ASIA BANK (NICA)

Following is the last 10’s years dividend history of NICA Bank. The bank has made their shareholder delighted by distributing enough dividend every year.

FY 2079/80

Following are the dividend of FY 2079/80.

  • Cash Dividend: 1.52%
  • Bonus share: 29%
  • Total Dividend: 30.52%

FY 2076/77

  • Cash Dividend: 1%
  • Bonus share: 19%
  • Total Dividend: 20%

FY 2075/76

  • Cash Dividend: 11.05%
  • Bonus share: 10%
  • Total Dividend: 21.05%

More details

S.NFiscal YearCash DividendBonus ShareTotal DividendRight Share

Similarly, bank has issued right share twice in last 10 years.

Note: Due to some reason. company did not distribute any dividend in FY 2078/79 from the profit of FY 2077/78.

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