Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Non-Life Insurance Companies

Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Non-Life Insurance Companies

There are 12 non-life insurance companies listed in Nepal Stock Exchange. Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Non-Life Insurance Companies. There used to be 18 non-life insurance company in Nepal.

They all are doing their business well. We can witness the growth of all the companies from their performance.

Rastriya Beema Company Ltd (RBCL) is the non-life insurance has the highest EPS of Rs. 258.20. Similarly, Nepal Insurance Company Ltd and Himalayan Everest Insurance Ltd are second and third with Rs. 49.82 and Rs. 32.35 respectively.

Earnings Per Share (EPS) of Non-Life Insurance Companies

FY 2080/81

Third Quarter

Name of the CompaniesSymbolEPS
Rastriya Beema Company LtdRBCLRs. 258.20
Nepal Insurance Company LtdNICLRs. 49.82
Himalayan Everest Insurance LtdHEIRs. 32.35
Siddhartha Premier Insurance LimitedSPIL Rs. 28.37
Neco Insurance LtdNILRs. 25.01
Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company LimitedSALICO Rs. 24.17
IGI Prudential Insurance LimitedIGI Rs. 20.58
Shikhar Insurance Company LtdSICLRs. 19.60
United Ajod Insurance LimitedUAIL Rs. 19.20
Sanima GIC Insurance LimitedSGIC Rs. 13.40
Prabhu Insurance Company LimitedPRIN
NLG Insurance Company LimitedNLG

The Non-life insurance is doing great business. They are earning good money for their shareholders.

Hence, these are the EPS of Non-Life Insurance Companies.

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