Opening Range of Mandu Hydropower

We have information of Opening Range of Mandu Hydropower ltd. It is among few hydropower company which has issued IPO in premium.

Opening Range of Mandu Hydropower

Following are the detail information of Mandu Hydropower.

About Company:

Mandu Hydropower ltd is public ltd hydropower company which was established on 15 April 2012. It is hydropower which has project 22MW of electricity generation. The project is located at Bagmati River, IPA, Panchakanya VDC, Makwanpur District, Bagmati Zone, Nepal. The company has already stated to generate electricity and is selling it to NEA.

The company is issuing IPO at Rs. 206 per share (Rs 100 face value + Rs 106 premium price).

Opening Range

The opening range of the company depends upon the book value of the company. So the book value of the company is Rs. 124.42. Hence, the opening range will be Rs. 124.42 to Rs. 373.26.

Prabhu Capital Ltd is the issue manager for IPO and ICRA Nepal has given BBB- rating for issuing IPO. It means moderate degree of safety regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

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