Top 10 microfinance of Nepal

Top 10 microfinance of Nepal

Microfinance is the companies that usually give high dividends to their share. Mostly, they have the highest EPS in Nepal. They have helped its shareholder in wealth maximization. Top 10 microfinance of Nepal

Many people have earned a lot by investing in microfinance. They have the highest return in the industry.

Top 10 microfinance of Nepal

Following the best ten microfinance of Nepal as per the report of 2080/81. They have the highest EPS in the industry. Most of them fall in the top ten with the highest EPS among the company listed in NEPSE (NEPAL STOCK EXCHANGE).

First Quarter Report

We have done an analysis of microfinance companies on the basis of Paid-up capital, Net Interest Income, Book Value, and Earning Per Share.

Net Profit:

Sana Kisan Laghubitta (SKBBL) has earned the highest net profit of Rs. 30.14 crore.

Name of the CompanySymbolNet profit
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 30.14 crore
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 22.12 crore
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 12.05 crore
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 8.83 crore
National Microfinance LaghubittaNMFBSRs. 5.51 crore
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBLRs. 5.07 crore
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSLRs. 4.48 crore
RSDC LaghubittaRSDCRs. 4.08 crore
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBSRs. 3.46 crore
Global IME LaghubittaGILBRs. 3.40 crore

Paid up Capital

As per the first quarter report, Sana Kisan Laghubitta (SKBBL) has the highest paid-up capital. It has paid up capital of Rs. 3.33 arba.

Following are the Top 10 Companies.

Name of the CompanySymbolCapital
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBL3.33 arba
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBL2.83 arba
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBL2.61 arba
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSL1.73 arba
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBL1.55 arba
Mero Microfinance LaghubittaMERO1.32 arba
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBL1.29 arba
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLB1.18 arba
First Microfinance LaghubittaFMDBL1.14 arba
National LaghubittaNMFBS1.08 arba

Reserve and Surplus

Top 10 companies on the basis of reserve and surplus.

Name of the CompanySymbolReserve
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 5.62 arba
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 4.19 arba
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 2.18 arba
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 1.81 arba
Nirdhan LaghubittaNUBLRs. 1.74 arba
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMFRs. 1.40 arba
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSLRs. 1.37 arba
National Microfinance LaghubittaNMFBSRs. 1.18 arba
CYC Nepal LaghubittaCYCLRs. 0.90 arba
Nesdo laghubittaNEDORs. 0.71 arba

Net Interest Income

The net Interest Income of Chhimek Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited is the highest among microfinance companies. It has earned Rs. 72.84 crore. 

Following are the Top 10 Companies.

Name of the CompanySymbolNet Interest Income
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 72.84 crore
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 51.65 crore
Nirdhan Utthan LaghubittaNUBLRs. 43.01 crore
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 38.40 crore
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 34.47 crore
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 33.42 crore
Forward LaghubittaFOWADRs. 26.95 crore
NIC Asia LaghubittaNICLBSLRs. 25.06 crore
Grameen Bikas LaghubittaGBLBSRs. 21.19 crore
Mero Microfinance LaghubittaMERORs. 15.58 crore

Net Worth Per Share

Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta (ANLB) has the highest book value of Rs. 489.04. 

Following are the top 10 companies.

Name of the CompanySymbolNet Worth
Aatmanirbhar LaghubittaANLBRs. 489.04
Nesdo Sambridha LaghubittaNESDORs. 381.41
Jalpa Samudayik LaghubittaJALPARs. 289.26
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 285.01
Unique Nepal LaghubittaUNLBRs. 269.53
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 268.80
Forward LaghubittaFOWADRs. 265.68
Suryodaya Womi LaghubittaSWMFRs. 254.50
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 247.64
Swabalamban LaghubittaSWBBLRs. 240.47

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Among microfinance companies, BPW Laghubitta (BPW) has EPS of Rs. 89.18. 

Following are the Top 10 Companies.

Name of the CompanySymbolEPS
BPW LaghubittaBPWRs. 89.18
Nesdo Sambridha LaghubittaNESDORs. 41.84
Jeevan Bikas LaghubittaJBLBRs. 40.78
Sana Kisan LaghubittaSKBBLRs. 36.19
Aatmanirbhar LaghubittaANLBRs. 33.90
Chhimek LaghubittaCBBLRs. 31.20
Deprosc LaghubittaDDBLRs. 22.76
Global IME LaghubittaGILBRs. 21.98
National Microfinance LaghubittaNMFBSRs. 20.31
Mahila LaghubittaMLBSLRs. 20.01

Hence, these are the Top 10 microfinance of Nepal on the basis of different headings.

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